Waste to organic fertilizers

The unique example that Kushtia Municipality has established in the waste management of waste by making organic fertilizers from waste can be followed for all other municipalities and city corporations of the country.

According to the first light on Sunday, Kushtia Municipality has been producing organic fertilizers for two years from solid waste and pesticides. However, in 2008, the initiative to manufacture the fertilizer was taken. Organic fertilizers are being produced in a compost plant in the field of Baradi area, about five kilometers away from Kushtia town. Every day about two tonnes of organic waste and 9 thousand liters of water is brought here. Under the supervision of the municipality, 14 waste wards were collected through 36 vans and solid waste was collected from the raw market, most of which were curry-free waste.

Apart from this, the three vacuces are collected from septic tanks through tanks. Later, these waste were converted into biological fertilizers through special processing. An average 10 to 12 tons of organic fertilizer is being produced every month. About 6 tonnes are being sold on average. This organic fertilizer is being used in cultivation of various flowers and vegetables and production is also good. The price is also in the reach. Kg 12 to 15 taka

As evolution of civilization has led to modernization of living, it has also emerged as a challenge to waste management. Although unpleasant, it is true that Bangladesh is still lagging in waste management. Recently, according to a report from the UNFPA, Dhaka is one of the major polluted cities in the world and a major problem of waste management.

The reasons for unplanned urbanization have been created in sporadic homes, business establishments and industries in Dhaka. There is no modern and scientific system for waste disposal of these homes and industries. Waste management is good in some areas of the capital, but in most areas it is found that there are many types of waste including household waste. These waste are severely polluted in the air. Different types of diseases are spreading. In the monsoon season the situation is more horrific.

Almost everyone in the big cities of the country has the same image. City corporations and municipal mayors of these cities can follow Kushtia municipality in this regard. Kushtia Municipality initiative is a brilliant example of poor waste management. In this case, the government will have to come forward along with the mayors. Apart from this, it is possible to find out the possibility of what can be used for solid waste and drinking. Waste is possible to produce electricity. The government will also have to pay attention to that issue.

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