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Paradoxical Sajid

Paradoxical Sajid


The publisher says about Paradoxical Sajid: Since the beginning of civilization, the series of true and falsehood has been the struggle for truth and falsehood. Solving humanity Islam has always been confronting the propaganda and animosity of ignorant people. The trend continues in this period of modern civilization. Social media is sowing the seeds of doubt in the growing range. Suspicion from suspicion, suspicion from doubt. Thus, on the keyboard of an incredible generation of rivalry. In the world of disciplined thinking of believers. Some youths and youths are being distracted. Difficulties with the incredible questionable challenges and challenges.

Whats Have this Books?

Where the challenge of ignorance is, there is a logical struggle for believing in it. One such believer is young Arif Azad. In the online world, unbelievers have become the favourite of many people with a simple answer to the questions. A young person can respond to anti-Islamists in such a nice and logical language, and the optimistic mind thinks that the future is just possibilities. Paradoxical Sajid‘s book has been answering the questions of the unbelievers with stories and literature.

The real world of Bengali literature should also be there. Many people are writing, in response to the propaganda of atheism and Islamists. This book will strengthen the basis of those answers. The book will make a huge stir in the mind of a young generation. Hopefully, the unbelievers, who read the book would also think about Islam completely.

About Paradoxical Sajid:

The current time is in the time of perspective. One thing depends on how easy you are, how much presentation is made but many things depend on it. Naturally, a person’s temperament is that they can digest theories very little. They want simplicity. Arif Azad, the author of Paradoxical Sajid, chose this method. He did not go to the traditional lecture or ideology, leaving the subject of the story in the style of the story.

At the beginning of each story, there is an introduction to interesting, interesting stimuli. Somewhere in the story or with the central character of the story Sajid, his friend Arif Khan’s banter, somewhere or interesting romance, somewhere or there is serious news about any serious issue. Have fun in the story, have fun.

In a fairly successful story, the material that needs to be, whatever it is, reads the story of the reader, does not lose interest, and a combination of all of them, the author of this series, Arif Azad, is an episode of this series. The logic of the argument, counter-arguments, This is a trusted artist in the dark eradication.

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