NRC in Bengal, so brave!

West Bengal chief minister and Trinamool leader Mamta Bandyopadhyay came to Koch Bihar and Jalpaiguri on Monday to campaign for grassroots candidates in India’s upcoming Lok Sabha elections. He attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Rashila Maidan of Koch Bihar and two separate public meetings in Jalakiguri Nagarkata.

Mamta Bandyopadhyay said, NRC (National citizenship registration) will do? Mdababura so brave! NRC will not be allowed in Bengal. Through the NRC of Modibadab, the rights of 4 million Bangladeshi citizenship have been stripped in Assam. These include half Bengali Hindu and half Muslim. We will not allow Modi to make NRC in this country. “Mamata also said,” If you are an NRC, Modi will make you foreign for five years. So, I will not let NRC enter this in Bangla. ‘

Eprothom Alo You are a Haridas, apologies to Modi
Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjee said, ‘Modibabu, you are the Expiry Prime Minister. Hitler’s country is running the country. You are a tyrant. The arrogant, fascist Prime Minister. Now the people have been caught by your clever tricks. ‘He also said,’ Such a big liar has not come here in India. I did not even see Winning the promise with false promises, did not implement the promise. The people caught your cleverness. Now you have to leave. So you say, you are exparee prime minister. Lieutenant Prime Minister This is the Buddha! Any Haridas you? We will not allow you to pass the citizenship amendment bill. ‘

False Choukidar’s farewell bell rang
Criticizing Narendra Modi, Chief Minister Mamata said, ‘Once people have voted you wrongly or not. Now your farewell tune has been around the country. You will now get zero seats in this Bengal. We have 42 seats in 42 People will no longer vote for bank robber, rioting chowkidar We recognize the original chaukidar, and respect. You’re a fake watchman. You canceled the note and ate 20 million people’s jobs. He promised that he could not provide 100 million jobs in 5 years. During your time, 12 thousand farmers committed suicide due to debt. So now people of the country will change you. Will give up. Your farewell bell is ringing. ‘

Change it, change it, give BJP a chance
Mamta said to the people, “You will not have money in the bank and if this Narendra Modi comes again in power, you will not have money. Pick up all Because, your money is now counted on Modi’s mobile phone. He will pick up if he wants. Do not make mistakes, vote for Trinamool. The BJP will change the constitution of the country. There will be no freedom of your opinion. So do not vote for BJP. ‘

Mamata said, “Today you have to come to save the country in the grassroots of your grassroots flag Grassroots can be guaranteed to save your life. Uphold your rights So the slogan has to be done – save the country, get rid of Modi. Instead, change it, defeat BJP. ‘

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