If this life is life then what is the real life: Abdullah Abu Sayeed

At first I started my talk with a short story. The story is such that a patient came in a hospital with severe pain in the stomach. Immediately his X-ray was done. But the same! Hundreds of teaspoons were seen in the patient’s stomach. Then he asked, ‘How much tea spoon came in your stomach?’ He cried, ‘Sir, the famous doctor Kadir Sahib, FCPS, MRPS said to eat three times a day.’

So we are actually directed by people like this doctor Kadir. We do what they say. We never see it is good to eat spoon, or bad. That’s not what we think. We do not understand whether there is anything good or bad about it. Who is the doctor in our life? This queen is our guardian, my relatives, our friends, our neighbors, and the whole world. They do what we tell them to do. For example, I heard from my father that when they were studying in the university, it was said that mathematics and philosophy are the best. So we have to read these two. When we went to the university, the era changed. Then the best medicine, engineering. If there is a student of humanities then English or the economy. Because the two had the advantage of getting a CSP. Then more time passed. BBA, MBA has now come up. After one pressure we are getting crushed. But we can not do anything against it. Nobody was able to do anything in the meantime. What do I want, what I love to do, what my soul wants, the joy of my life – no one comes to the news. As a result, we continued to fight a bloody war with our heart throughout our life.

We do not recognize any of us I can not find myself any day. We can not convince our world of happiness at any time. Of course, there is reason to be like this. Why are we called these? One reason is poverty. In our country, except for a few people, there is so much poverty in the country that there is no power to do anything according to their will. We rarely get the chance to provide our own life. So where is the money, we have to leave where there is money. That’s what we like and do not like it.

Another problem is with our parents. As we were 11 siblings. My grandfather was only 18 brothers and 14 sisters. There were so many children in the time that parents could not keep them in check. So there was no pressure on them. They could have whatever they want. But today the number of children has dropped to two. Parents always have a sharp vision of what their children are doing. Today’s children are trapped in the prison. They have always been caught in the thick chain of surveillance. Today, the oppressed child was never in our country. Most importantly, parents did not try to take revenge, with those 1-2 children. It’s a big job. How these children will do this great duty.

Then came the job Jobs is a fun place. The commercial masters run their business here. Three people will need Take one The two will pay him again. It increases the amount of money. With the job that he got, he was happy to get so much money. But after entering the office at eight o’clock in the morning, after returning home at 10am, there is no peace in his mind. She was tired of wearing tights in front of her home television. It does not look good to see this scene. We are taking them all the chips and their whole blood in the crust. It was a movement in the nineteenth century. Then the poet said,

 ‘What is life if flowers

          Of care

We Have No Time To Stand

          Or stair ‘

This is the life of parenting, this work, this is the busyness – what is our life? Can not we stand a little? Do we ever get a chance to look around the beautiful world around this? Can we not have any joy that we came in so wonderful-incredible world? Why was this? A law was passed in England in 1819. No one can work for more than 20 hours. What kinds of deadly laws you think. Then maybe 22 hours would have been spent. Maybe they did not let the worker sleep. Such terrible repression has also been done on the people in that time. This was ‘May Day’ shot in front of workers in Chicago. What did the workers want? Only 8 hours of work, 8 hours of sleep and 8 hours wanted to enjoy the opportunity. But the Lord said that 8 hours should not be fun. They have to work for them within 6 hours. The tragedy happened to this end.

I ended up with another short story. On the way, a young man met with a beautiful beauty. Seeing the beautiful she said as a boyfriend, ‘I want to marry you.’ Then again, Sundari does not like this young man. Like that too. But he said, ‘I am in a little trouble. My house is beyond the seven seas. I’m going there with my dad. Now our marriage is not possible. You come there Then I will think about this. ‘

The young man could not wait. Shortly after that, she went to the Seven Seas for the beautiful woman. When he went to the sea on the first sea, there would be a ferry crossing the sea. The fisherman said to him, ‘If you want me, you can cross this sea. But for that you have to give one part of your heart seven percent. ‘She thought that her so deep love He did not give up for love or refused. He agreed with the words of moderate. He crossed the sea first. The fishermen of the second sea said the same thing. In this way, when he passed seven seas to meet, he could seeThere is nothing else to say in his heart. His heart was broken into pieces.

The fact that the turbulence on our time, the tension that this busy life brings, does not bring any benefit to us. We must remember that our life is a new source of happiness. We find this joy of life from time to time. If someone takes this time away from us, how will we live happily? If we give our time to someone else, then where is our life? How do we build our inner people?

Nasiruddin Hozjah has a story that if it is a cat then where is the kebab Again, if it is a barbecue, then where is the cat? So if this life is life then what is the real life? So I would say to Rabindranath Tagore this young man:

 “How much is the game of World Cup?

          Playing pit,

See the strange

          Two points match. ‘

The world that is this – with our eyes, if we do not enjoy our life with our senses, then what is the meaning of this life? I would request everyone to think about these issues. Because you are going to move on to life now. You just have time to think. After that, there will be no profit for this. Best wishes for you tomorrow. Thanks to all.

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