Clean the garbage on the song

The last hour of the class just barely read. Suddenly the sound of the sound of Mike sound Seven young girls catch the guitar with the guitar- ‘The collapse of the polythene, the country is stuck in the order. If you are a little aware then do not get stuck in the water …. ‘At the moment, a few students come and gather around them. The group of students came down to clean the garbage just to empty the neck. Gradually the school premises became Jhakjhake-Tachet

This image of making awareness about the cleanliness in the songs is called Patharghata City Corporation Boys’ High School of Chittagong City. A group of young people took part in this program with a different program to free the city from water logging. They raise children and teenagers in the song for the removal of garbage and the removal of garbage. As well as teaching the deletion of debris to make use of waste.

Eprothom Alo is where this initiative is from

The two young men named Eve Kimbleb and Lucy Trishti Gomez are behind this initiative. The couple had been living in Dhaka for a long time in cultural activities. However, they went to Chittagong permanently in December 2017. At that time, there was a ruckus on the project of water logging of Chittagong City drowning every year. They think that not only is the project, but the awareness of the people can also play a role in reducing water logging. From that year onwards, they went to make people aware of the Baishakh in the CRP areas. It is important to mention the necessity of dirt in the scheduled place. But did not get the response. Understand this will not happen. Cultural activities will have to be brought about. From the thought, Kimbell wrote, ‘If you use waste, you get clear education. Milne Gold Country, This Bangladesh ‘- a song of 10 lines in the title. Then on 15 May of the same year, singing the song on Satish Babu Lane, they came to the ground to raise awareness and to clean the road. A good response is to match it. In the meantime, seven other young men named Ronnie Ansari, Biraj Sarkar, Prison Das, Shaheen Ganjalbes, Rasu Das, John Primo and Mohiuddin were joined. An organization called ‘Slogan Bangladesh’ was opened.

As many activities as possible

So far they have conducted awareness programs in three schools. In this process, Patharghata ward has all the way round. Everywhere the children and adolescents like Hamilton’s Bansiwala have followed. The song of cleanliness is now in the mouth of the children of Patharghata.

At Patharghata City Corporation Boys’ High School on Sunday noon, Patharghata ward councilor Mohammad Ismail was singing with slogan members and students of Bangladesh. He said in the first light, ‘I have been supporting the slogan program from the very beginning. Patharghata ward is being cleaned by their different initiative.

In addition to creating awareness in the songs, the slogan members were convincing about the process of utilization of waste disposal waste. Students excite seeing how many empty bottles are filled with polythene and how to make them draped. To clean up the school premises, two students of the school, Shant Das and Shabbir Hossain, said in the first light, the words of the song are in their mouth. They do not throw dirt wherever they are now. Others also request to not leave.

As a result of this initiative of the youth, the awareness among the locals is increasing, some evidence suggests that the Patharghata route. People are putting dirt-rubbish in the fixed place. So the sewers of the canal are quite clean.

Asked about this kind of initiative, Mr Chembal and Lucy Satisfy Gomez said, “Not only the waste of passageways. They want to get rid of this program through ‘social waste’ like drugs, eve teasing. Because they think that children will stay away from them if they are involved in cultural activities at the beginning.

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