All kinds of ruckus

I’m going to rickshaw. Bunch of gray shorts come in front of me. Surprised, I saw a big elephant swelling. And there are frequent diversified words.
Young young man sitting on the neck of the elephant Age 18-19 Look stupid As if Ikhtiaruddin Muhammad bin Bakhtiar Khalji Banga is going to conquer. But where do I go to Laxman Sen? Colloq on the side, behind the car rows. The elephant is the one who throws up and kills the man?
My rickshaw puller, he is also a young man. The message did not seem too upset. The age is such, which will look, it is fun He said to the tooth, ‘If you do not give money, you can not leave.’ Some dan, sir. ‘
Interesting crowds gathered in the crowd. What else shooting in cinema Rickshaw crunch crunch and car horns are being heard behind. Chatting is better than anything else than sitting on the table.
If he is in such a danger, his hands and feet do not listen to him. 50 rupee notes went to hammer five-tk. So get rid of it. Gauz Bahadur went ahead with a sweat and suffered another victim.
Although this forest of elephants could have been accepted as an elephant, could it be accepted that in the capital city of the day there is a hostage in front of so many humans?
I do not agree with-or what? Once the ganges lived in this country, they would have to keep the samples of two or four people after they were extinct. What are we in luck for?
It is but the dhodabajare know better. For this reason, fourteen jackfruit broke down on the head. Come on one go in the market, the dome will turn around.
One kg size Boishakhi hilsa taka 2 thousand 500 rupees. Do not know the chicken, hanging on the leg, saying, ‘Good neighbor!’ Rocket price rise!
Frustration will come back home by pressing on the chest, he is not Joe. Poor friends stand in front of you. The familiar fish seller says, ‘Where is sir, country where? I’m bringing you!
Even if it is not a sibling, it’s near. Fish are all tempting, but biscuit racing biscuits at prices. Hanging on the face, jumping on the back and eating it. The slip that slips, that’s not Joe. Her ashes filled with ashes. The face of the cheek lolla, ‘If you did not give Pamu, sir? What is this local fish to collect! These are worth buying! ‘
The fisherman also gave some knowledge of the money in money. He said, ‘Do not go back to the chicken once again once again, sir. After that chicken did not give it. Changing small ones. Do not get it.
In order to give this knowledge, the fish fondled by 24 in the bag. I went home to see the 20. To give that knowledge, the deal has been restored.
Now let’s talk about a gentleman. The brother hired from Karwan Bazar to buy a huge Rui. Spends some money to spend the fish. You do not have a big part of the stomach in your home.
On the other hand, the same brother did so many markets that he had to hire Minta to carry them. He’s going, Mantee is also going. Suddenly, the man shouted, ‘Sir, I’m getting ready.’
He looked back and looked back. No, no money. What has happened since then. Manti booby air
Once again another brother took two motives. Going to the car, you see a well-known junk and follow back, there is no news of another. He went to find another man in front of the car and went to find another. After a long time came back to feel uncomfortable and see this batao air!
What is my experience? Once I bought a very thick fatty fish. I saw in the house absolutely the diarrhea. The topic of research on how their health was affected. However, I did not go to Beltala for a second time.
After office holidays often return to the market. Especially the bunting of the bag. But after buying five to seven vegetables from one store, it was found that one or two were not brought back home. One day I bought a few vegetables from a shop. I went to the house and found that there were not three vegetables with tomato. The next day I went to the shop and saw another person sitting there. In order to find the previous shopkeeper, he said, ‘Hai has gone home for a month.’
It’s gone. This happens more than once. At first it seemed as if it had its own indifference.
One day was very careful. We bought a few vegetables from a shop. Vegetables are filled in four polythene bags. The shopkeeper gave a bag of bags of potato bags. But gave three, where else? To say to the shopkeeper, he took out the bag from the hide. Smiling face, so forget it.
Go to the online shopping, there is also less oil tablets? One will show, give another one. There are certainly good institutions. The risk of cheating is not low. In front of me, a colleague took a bag online with order. The price of the bag is not correct with the price. It was also accepted that, after the baggage of the money was discovered, a hole in one place of bag was discovered. how it feels!
In the restaurant, I went to the family to see the pictures of the lively menu and the zoo. Pretty restaurant He served hot and hot food for a long time. The look of the food does not match the picture. They are frustrated with the mouth.
Such racket is not one or two, many more. The people of Dhaka are covered in various ways. Road traffic congestion-accident problems For a little relief, anyone who takes the winds of Bukit will also get polluted. The crowd of the state when traveling somewhere. There are daily widespread harassment, harassment. The mind is looking forward to a bit of convenience or variety. Using this opportunity, Faye Loto is very daring.

Shariful Islam Bhuiyan: Literary and Journalist

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