accused of raping a SSC examinee in Dhaka

Two policemen including one police constable were arrested and arrested in connection with the rape of a teenager in SSC examinations in the capital. One of them admitted the confessional statement of the rape incident and confessed to the Dhaka court. The victim, who gave the statement in the Dhaka court, narrated the incident of rape.

The accused are Joy Ghosh (24) and Badal Hossain (34). Jatrabari police station said that accused Badal is acting as a constable of the police department of Rajarbagh Police Station.

Talking to the family members of the victim and the victim, the SSC candidate is 16 years old. She keeps herself with her parents. He was introduced to Joe Ghosh on Facebook. Later, they had close contact between the two.

The father of the teenager, on March 31, raped his daughter in Shahbagh area of ​​the capital, Joy Ghosh. The accused also caught the girl on her mobile phone. The young man, who did not give her mobile phone to Gulistan area, dropped the girl. The victim, who fell down in Gulistan, feared to open the case to Badal Hossain and asked for help. Badal then assured him of mobile phone recovery and would be able to reach home. After taking the boy to the house, Badal took a house in a house in Jatrabari area. Badal raped him there

The teenager’s father told the first light in the mobile phone on Saturday night that Badal Hussein raped his daughter after she was asked to reach Gulistan home. Badal constable a police constable.

Two separate rape cases were filed in the capital’s Shahbagh Police Station and Jatrabari Police Station in connection with the rape of the SSC examinee. Police of Shahbagh Police Station reported to the Chief Metropolitan Magistrate of Dhaka that the nature of the accused is not good. He was involved with the temptation to deal with the girl. The other accused Badal Hussein also raped the girl.

Shahbagh Police Station Officer-in-Charge Abul Hasan told first light that on Facebook, the accused identified with Joy Ghosh. The relationship is also later. Recently, the girl was raped and raped in a house in Shahbagh. That image is recorded on the mobile phone. That mobile phone has been seized. The accused, Ghosh, confessed to recording on mobile and recorded statements in the court.

According to the court sources, on April 2, the accused granted confessional statement to the court of Dhaka by acknowledging the incident. Now he is in prison

Jatrabari Thana Officer-in-Charge (OC) Kazi Wazed Ali said on Saturday in the first light that a person named Badal Hossain was arrested on the complaint of rape of the teenager the next day. The accused Badal is known to be a constable of the Defense Branch in Rajarbagh. The primary authenticity of the incident of rape was also found. The accused Badal now in jail.

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