20 factions do not like ‘maternal’ with the united front

After the election, meetings were held once and there was no program with 20 teams. On the other hand, last year the meeting was held with the National Alliance of the National Coalition formed before the 11th parliamentary elections. Along with this alliance is also doing one program after another. The BNP’s ‘maternal uncle’ does not like the newly created united front. The 20 party leaders.

The BNP took part in the Eleventh National Parliament, with two allies. Ganaoforama president in October last year, holding a 20-party alliance. Kamal Hossain was convened by the five unions of the National Unity Front. In the elections, the BNP and 20 parties took part in this new coalition. However, the BNP nominated 40 seats for the 20 parties and 19 seats for the united front. But the BNP got six seats in the alliance and two seats in the Gana Forum. Apart from BNP, no other ally of 20 parties have won any seat.

Recently, Lieberle Democratic Party (LDP) President Oli Ahmad said that many leaders of the united front took money from the government while the eleventh parliamentary elections were held. Oli Ahmad said at a party function at the party office where he took the money and asked about how much money he had taken. His remarks have created discomfort among the BNP and the united front leaders. Many of the 20-party alliance are publicly criticizing the united front.

Meanwhile, on Monday evening, a 20-party alliance meeting is going to be held. The meeting will be held at the BNP chairperson’s office at 7pm in Gulshan. BNP and 20 party leaders will be present in the meeting.

Bangladesh Jatiya Party (BNP) chairman Andalib Rahman Partha said that due to the united front, the 20 teams have a little jerked, the BNP is now more busy with the united front. Talking about the 20-party talks, she said, it is a BNP-centric alliance. They know better, when to discuss political needs.

Khelafat Majlish’s secretary general Ahmad Abdul Kader said, BNP is now moving forward with the united front. There are no activities of 20 teams right now. The leader of Khelafat Majlish said that there are only 20 named in the team. They are now working with their own teams.

After the parliamentary elections of 30 December last year, the BNP once held a meeting with 20 teams. On the other hand, they organized several meetings with the united front, including human chain programs, public announcements. The last 22 February. Under the chairmanship of Kamal Hossain, public hearing was done. In this, the BNP called upon the candidates of its two allies to take part in the candidates. Only two candidates from 20 teams took part. Some of the major parties of this alliance did not participate in this public hearing. The leader of the group of 20 parties participated in the mass hunger strike demanding the release of the last Khaleda Zia.

One of the 20 party Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) Senior Joint Secretary General Shahadat Hossain Selim said in the first light, “The united front has elected the BNP, 20 parties also made it. He said, “It is a long-term alliance. It is not good for us,” he said, adding, “The extra maternity and unhappiness over the BNP’s unity front and the 20-party alliance.” The current situation needs to be reformed in 20 groups. Unregistered and unreliable by reviewing the 20 teams, there is no need to reform them. He said there are many groups here, who have names. There are many groups, which are much stronger than other parties in the united front.

On the other hand, there is no such activity as Jamaat-e-Islami’s political party, one of the 20-party alliance partners.

However, BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir recently said in two programs, there is no problem between the 20 party and national united front.

Since the election of the National Party of the National Opposition in the National Assembly elections, but since the formation of UCF, there was anger over the new coalition of 20-party allies. Since then, the BNP is giving priority to the new coalition.

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